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Our Bernese Mountain Dog Veterans

All my spayed females are grandparents to my breeders.

Kline's Brandy Geesey  OFA Fair

Brandy is Brianna's mommy and Candy, Brittany's grandmother. 

Born 12/7/2001- 2/1/2010

Sire: Ajax Spod Vihorlayu
Dam: Belline Na Obraze


 Little Lilly Langtree

Lilly Lang Tree is Lyianna's mommy and Miss Pig's and Patches's grandmother.

Sire: Mt High Mocha Expresso V Cool
Dam: Beauty's Idey

                                    Born 4/21/01 - 2/25/2010

Lilly was given to me in November of 2003. She is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever had. Lilly is always sitting on someone in the family. She can never get enough love! She greets everyone who comes to our home with tail wagging affection. People will drive buy our home and want to know where our Lilly is. When my Bernese are in the house they have run of our front yard (which is not fenced in) to go out and do their business. She has never left our property. Lilly Lang Tree 116lbs was just put to sleep yesterday 2/25/2010.  She had an obstruction in her intestines most likely carpet.  Cause she vomited a 6 inch piece up on Wednesday. She was biting at the carpet in grooming shop on the floor that we use as rugs to wipe your feet on..

Rochelle From Balihara Ranch

3/7/2001 - 12/18/2010

Heidi is Chloe and Chief's mommy.  Hunter and Destiny grandmother.

Belinda's Brianna Delight


Born   3/20/2004

Sire: Arko Z Agorovho Dvora 
Dam: Kline's Brandy Geesey

She is a daughter of Scotty and Brandy. She is  a very friendly and good natured girl. She is also a very intelligent Bernese.


Arko Z Agorovho Dvora 
Dam: Stone Mountain Bernie Quinc

Lady was the pick of a litter of 8 puppies. Bernie had to be spayed after they were born, and I wanted to keep the line going. I decided to keep a girl out of Bernie and Scotty, so with the help of my three boys, we picked Lady. My goal was for Lady to be big boned like her father and mother. Lady is one of the smallest Bernese I own. She is very special to me. Lady is sweet,  patient, happy and a very proud girl. She prances when she walks! You will find Lady right by my side most of the time. I love to take her with me wherever I go because she is so patient and polite. Lady, along with all my other kids, is the joy of my life...



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