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Bernese Mountain Dogs - Males

Arko Z Agorovho Dvora 

Penn Hips - 60% tighter than most Bernese Mountain dogs

Sire: Arko Benco
Dam: Celine Sulliwan

Champion Bloodlines Grandparents on Dam's side and on Sire's side 


Scotty is a male bernese who is more laid back . He will join the party for a little while, but then he will wander off and go lay on the couch or up in the bed. Scotty is a very well trained male. He has a wonderful temperament. Very strong mind and a big body structure he has the body of a Newfoundland. He loves to put his paws on my husband's shoulder and stand eye to eye. He loves to be loved.



Belinda's Little Chief From Blackberry Farms

Sire: Arko Z Agorovho Dvora
Dam: Rochelle From Balihara Ranch

Champion Bloodlines Grandparents on Dam's side and on Sire's side

OFA Good

Chief is a male bernese that we kept out of Heidi and Scotty, my first two breeders. The reason for keeping Chief is because he was born on my son's birthday. Also because we love Scotty so much I wanted a to keep the line going. Chief is a big love. He will do whatever you tell him to. I can walk him with my pinkie, he is that well tempered and confident of a dog. My 7 year old and my 9 year old can even take control of Chief. Chief is also a big boy the size of a Newfoundland.


Little Bear Geesey   OFA Excellent
"Little Bear"

Sire: Silvers King Merlin
Dam: Moiah of Lynn-N Bogus

Champion Bloodlines Grandparents on Dam's side and on Sire's side 

Little bear is happy  go lucky male.  He is always right in the middle of the party wagging his tail.  He is very smart and very out going.  Great temperament.  He is one of those kids people love to be with. Little Bear has the body structure of a Golden.

Little Bear is so cute the judges just love his personality and his confidence. 




Belinda's Teddy Bear   OFA Excellent


Sire: Little Bear Geesey
Dam: Raina Across the Fence


 Teddy Bear was the pick of the litter out of five boys. My middle son Justin would pick him up and cuddle him is his arms and Teddy Bear would fall sound asleep.  Sometimes I would find Teddy Bear in bed with Justin, both of them sleeping like babies. His nature is  just like both of his parents, very gentle and very sweet. Teddy Bear loves to run and play with the other dogs. 





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