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Our Bernese Mountain Dog Females


Belinda's Bernese's From Blackberry Farms



Maddy on Left.          Lyiana on Right.

Maddy and Lyiana are strong and muscular Bernese Mountain Dogs. They would definitely be a couch potato's if they had the chance.  They are very sound and have the sweetest temperament and are extremely intelligent. They  love to go outside and and play in the snow. They enjoy watching the traffic and people go up and down the road. Lyiana is a great mother and has that motherly instinct. She will care for all the puppies even if they are not hers. Maddy has not had a litter yet but im hopeing to have one some time soon.




Belinda's Easy Does It Patches

Sire: Little Bear Geesey 
Dam: Belinda's Zoe Of Liebe

Patches came back to me in late August 2007. She had a problem with chewing on things, so her owners contacted me and ask me if would take her. It states in my contact that if you don't want or can't keep the Bernese it should come back home to me. My feeling is you shouldn't breed if you don't rescue. Patches is a very happy, sweet, kind girl. I hug her often every day and she gives me love right back. Her owners did a great job raising her. She loves kids and other pets. I'm very lucky to be her new Mom.



Belinda's Lyianna






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